UK Boarding School Placement for pupils aged 8-16 years old


Welcome to Valentine Coaching Solutions, my name is Rick Valentine and I am a PGA Fellow Professional and I have been at the forefront of school’s golf in the UK since 2003. I developed and have run the Loretto Golf Academy since 2003 one of the leading schools golf programs in Europe and have won 11 British Schools Championships, 3 European Schools Championships and 2 individual National Titles. During this time, I have developed a unique expertise in understanding the British Education system, allowing me to advise families on the school that best suits their needs, and I have a strong network of contacts to place players at all the leading schools.


A British Education is seen as a global leader, offering pupils the opportunity to access a first-class education in conjunction with elite sports programs, music programs and many more opportunities. This offers pupils a pathway to the best Universities both in the UK and abroad including America to access College Golf.


My focus has always been to help children reach their goals whether on the golf course or within education as a whole. Whilst my service specialises in placing golfers we are able to work with all pupils to find the right school. Working with families to find that school and assist them in accessing a place is a truly rewarding experience and I very much look forward to working with you to help your son or daughter find the school they are looking for.

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I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve your dreams.



In 2003 Rick set up the Golf Academy at Loretto School and has developed it into one of the leading schools golf programs in Europe. The program delivers to over 60 pupils per year and has a development pathway running from 5-18 years old and from beginner to international golfers. The Loretto Golf Academy has been ranked the number one golf team in the UK on several occasions and has won 11 British Schools Championships. Rick has also coached numerous players to individual success, representing their country, win national titles and progress to play college golf in the States. 

During his time at Loretto Rick also spent eight years as a housemaster working closely with pupils to achieve their goals both in and out of the classroom. This has given Rick a unique understanding of the workings of a boarding school both pastorally, academically and sporting.

Over the last seventeen years Rick has also developed the Loretto Golf Academy Junior Championship and Simmer Cup which has become the largest schools tournament in the UK with over 150 pupils competing over four age groups. He has also developed and run golf camps to offer players to develop their games in a residential camp with camps also offering pupils the option of English lessons as well.

During his seventeen years at the forefront of schools golf, Rick has a built a close working relationship with schools across the UK, and developed a huge wealth of knowledge allowing him to advise families on the schools that best suit their needs.



Schools golf has been booming over the last 10 years offering pupils the opportunity to develop their golf alongside a first-class education. Rick launched the first school based Golf Academy at Loretto and since then numerous schools have followed suit to develop their own programs.


The UK now boasts a large variety of schools offering different levels of golf programs to suit the needs of every golfer. With Rick's unique understanding of all the schools and the programs they offer we are best placed to find the perfect school for you, to include Millfield, Rossall, Whitgift, Reeds, Bedford and Wellington to name a few in England and Loretto, St Leonards, Merchiston Castle School and Glenalmond in Scotland.


Schools compete in British tournaments to include the HMC British Foursomes www.hmcfg.org and the Independent Schools Golf Association events www.isga.co.uk offering players the opportunity to develop their tournament experience.

Some of the key schools competing in schools golf are as follows:

  • Rossall

  • Loretto

  • Millfield

  • Merchiston Castle     

  • Gordons

  • Rydal Penhros

  • Oswestry

  • Wellington College - Registration 3 years prior to entry

  • St Leonard's            

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Phase 1 - Registration (September - December)

During this period families will be required to complete the following process:

  1. Complete online registration

  2. Pay registration fee 

  3. Complete Maths and English assessments

  4. Provide golf swing videos and coach report

  5. Provide a recent school report 

  6. Meet Rick for an online interview

Phase 2 - School Research and Proposals (December - March)

Based on the pupils application and performance in their academic assessments Valentine Coaching Solutions (VCS) will produce a shortlist of schools best suited to the pupil and family. 

  1. Parents to pay the processing fee 

  2. Rick will propose 3 schools and provide detailed information about the opportunities they offer

  3. Rick will start communication with each school

  4. Rick will assist in the communication between the school and the family 

  5. Pupil will have to complete school specific entry tests and online interview

Phase 3 - Final Placement (March - July)

  1. On completion of the entry tests schools will communicate with VCS and parents as to whether a place will be offered. 

  2. Rick will discuss options with parents and a final decision will be made.

  3. On completion of the final placement parents will make the final payment

School Visits

If parents wish to visit the schools in person VCS will offer packages to support parents to include the following:

  1. Collection from airports

  2. Travel to schools

  3. Support parents and escort them during their school visits

  4. Assist in any sightseeing or golf if required

  5. Packages will not include the booking of flights or accommodation



There are golf programs to support all levels of golfers whether they are looking to maximise their potential and play international golf or for those just looking to develop their game in a social setting. No matter the preference players should have the following minimum handicap:

12-13 years old - handicap lower than 24

14-15. years old - handicap lower. than 16

16-17 years old - handicap lower than 12

Some schools also offer a limited number of golf scholarships which offer families a discount on their school fees. These scholarships are for elite players and are highly competitive. To be able to apply for a scholarship players will need the following handicaps:

12-13 years old - handicap lower than 12

14-15. years old - handicap lower. than 9

16-17 years old - handicap lower than 5

Players applying for a scholarship will also have to undertake golf assessments along with their academic assessments for the school. 



To assist players in their development I also offer a limited number of annual coaching support packages. These packages offer players additional support to their school programs to include the following:

  • Online coaching

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Goal setting

  • Stats analysis

  • Tournament planning

  • Weekly zoom tutorials

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CHINA - Zhu Yuanpei

After his university education, he undertook ten years within the field of foreign affairs and foreign trade, developing his knowledge and experience in international intellectual properties protection and overseas properties management.


In the early 2000s, he left government service and then started his partnership with Masefield, Therma Chem & EnergyServhe and Ab Inegro Aviation to look into the market opportunities to promote emulsified fuel oil, energy saving solutions and aircraft leasing in China.


Since 2005, as an independent consultant, he has participated in the promotion of Sino-British junior golf cooperative program. On top of greatly establishing his unique, in-depth understanding of junior golf, he has also developed valuable resources and accumulated rewarding experiences as well.

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